Nowadays most of the people know that, the installation of a biogas plant is the best and cost effective option for the hygienic disposal of organic wastes discharged from the houses every day. For the effective operation of a domestic biogas plant, selection of the model of the plant is most important.

Some important points to be noted in connection with the selection of domestic biogas plants are the following:-

The time of construction of a new house is the best time for the installation of family size biogas plants, because during this period many other activities will be going on in the houses like painting plumbing etc. So along with these activities the customer can complete the works like digging of pit, if he wants to install the plant below ground level, making holes in the kitchen wall to bring the biogas line to the stove in the kitchen, leveling of the ground for the installation of the plant etc.. All these works can be made easier because of the presence of other workers engaged in the construction activities. There is there fore no need to engage additional laborers from outside. The selection of appropriate place for the installation of the plant is also very important. It is better to select a place nearer to the kitchen, for the operation of the plant. If the plant is installed nearer to the kitchen, then the gas line to the kitchen can be kept very short. The gas generated in the plant can be easily brought to the kitchen with less expense. Another advantage is that the daily feeding of organic waste to the plant can be made very convenient for the women working in the kitchens.

Selection of the size of plant

The selection of the appropriate size of the biogas plant is also most important point to be noted. For finalizing the size of the plants we have to consider the number of people in the house, food habit of the family members, availability of other organic materials etc. For a family having 4 to 5 members One Cubic meter biogas plant is the most suitable capacity. This plant will be having a digester of 1000 litres, and gas holder of 500 litres. There are two models of plants that are commonly available. They are water jacket model and without water jacket. Water jacket models are most hygienic ones compared with other models. But it is a little more expensive than non water jacket models. Water jacket models are most suitable for domestic application. Approximate cost of 1 cubic meter size of water jacket model biogas plant will be in between Rs. 20,000 and Rs.25,000.If the plant selected is of a good quality, it will work for a minimum period of 15 to 20 years without any major complaint.If the plant selected is a smaller one to save the money from the initial investment that may create a lot of problems for the future operation of the plant. The most important issue connected with a small capacity plant is its inefficiency to treat the entire organic waste fed into it. If the waste fed into the plant, is not properly treated this will cause foul smell as well as create environmental pollution. It will also attract flies. If a plant of a proper size is installed, we can expect to get bio gas for a minimum of 2 hours every day. But in the case of small capacity plants maximum availability of bio gas will be less than half an hour. Because of the selection small capacity plants the beneficiary will be loosing the available gas which he may be getting free of cost. In small capacity plants, the material reached inside the digester will be accumulated. It will accelerate the formation of scum and also it will decrease the efficiency of the plant. This is known as scum formation. To remove the scum the beneficiary have to incur lot of unnecessary expenditure. To avoid all these issues the selection of appropriate size of plant will be the best solution.

Selection of agency

Yet another important factor is the selection of the agency for the installing the plant , because the after installation service of the plant is most important . The agencies those who are not able to give proper services after installation will create many difficulties to the customer in the future operation of the plant. As an implementing agency, BIOTECH is getting a lot of inquiries for the service and maintenance of different capacity biogas plants installed by many other agencies as they cannot provide the required services.As an implementing agency of biogas projects having a track record of more than 20 years BIOTECH is capable of providing technical support for both installation and maintenance or servicing of biogas plant working in different locations.For any further information one can contact to BIOTECH through the website or to BIOZINDGI office in JAIPUR.Installation of biogas plant is the best option for hygienic disposal of easily degradable organic waste generated from houses. Apart from this those who are interested in adapting Integrated Waste Management in their own houses or institutions, may have to consider the use of bio composter and bio incinerator. More details about the introduction of those equipments will be follows....